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Our Story

Dynamic Green Products (DGP) started in 2015 as a few people in a makeshift lab, in a CA warehouse, with a simple objective; develop products to help reduce pollution and increase worker safety. After two years of testing hundreds of chemicals, in 2017, a breakthrough with a unique biochemistry enabled the bio-based oil to outperform conventional petroleum. From there forward our primary focus has been performance first. Every DGP product must outperform conventional petroleum and be 100% compatible, no exceptions.

We started grass roots with a few arborists that loved our Bar&Chain oil. We traveled to their job sites taking pictures/videos, monitoring equipment, interviewing operators and watching every movement to understand their business. Our bio product platform has been built from the learnings of tree care professionals around the country and it's why our Pro100 Bar&Chain oil is the cleanest, fastest cut in the industry, bar none!

Today we are a Houston based corporation partnered with Fortune 500 companies, ISO certified labs, ISO certified manufacturing locations, national warehousing and 1000's of professional customers across the country.

Our mission is to deliver world class, high performance, certified bio-based products to industry professionals in tree care, landscape, agriculture and forestry. The DGP platform will increase equipment productivity, elevate operator safety and lower the carbon footprint. Zero Compromise!

Bio-Based. Zero Compromise!®